AICF Action Plan

Update : 7th May 2021

Welcome to All India Chess Federation’s Checkmate Covid initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to provide Financial, Emotional, Medical and Vaccination support to our chess community.

Our hope is that by banding together as a community, we will overcome this situation.

Shri. Bharat Singh Chauhan (Hony Secretary)

1. 24 x 7 helpline

AICF staff is ready to help you 24 x 7. The contact details:

Mrityunjay Singh: 9718028329

S Balaji: 9884272638

Sudip Mukherjee: 9999414358

2.Doctor’s Helpline

The following doctors are part of our family to extend their supporting hand to have online consultation and advices:

Doctors details :

Doctor Name Preferable Language Time Slot Mobile Number Email ID
Dr. Murulidhar R English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil & Malayalam 10 am - 11 am, 5 pm - 7 pm 9341220446
Dr. Suraj Murulidhar Kannada, English and Hindi 5 pm - 7 pm 9611525626
Dr Sarin Abdul Salam English and Malayalam
Dr. Padmakshi Lokesh 9986000166
Dr. Rajeev English, Malyalam, Hindi 9 pm - 10 pm 9847483159
Dr.Hitesh J Vasnawala English, Malyalam, Hindi 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm 9824568304
Dr. Vikas Rastogi English / Hindi 6 pm - 7 pm 7042155711
Dr. Vanita Noronha (Mon-Fri) English / Hindi 5 pm - 6 pm 9004460306
Dr.Maladi S Sharma English, Hindi, Telegu 9848146869
Dr.Anurag Aggarwal (Tue And Thu) English / Hindi 7 pm - 8 pm 9818158870

Emotional Support will be given by following Doctors:

The following psychiatrist and psychologists are part of our family to extend their advices to overcome the psychological trauma you are facing due to COVID.

Doctor Name Preferable Language Mobile Number Email ID
Dr. Shijin English, Malayalam
Dr.Manoj Sharma English, Hindi 9341664401
Dr. Govind Kulkarni English, Hindi, Marathi 9422040041

3.Vaccination Support

AICF will approach the Government Institutions for priority vaccination of the players who are participating in International tournaments/championships.

An amount of Rs. 500/- will be reimbursed to the needy personnel of chess community who gets paid vaccination from private hospitals.

4.Financial Support

Eligibility: –Any person in the chess community with a FIDE ID number and registered with AICF for any of these years (2018-19, 2019-20 & 2020-21) are eligible to receive Financial Aid.

How to apply :-The necessary application for the financial aid required to be routed through concerned Nodal Officer of the State with following details and supporting medical documents/bills. In case emergency the same can be forwarded to our dedicated email ( with a copy to Nodal Officer.

Name, FIDE ID, AICF ID, DOB, State, Profession {Government/Private/Business/Other(specify)} and Annual Income.

Committees’ decision will be final.

5.Nodal Officers

The list of Nodal Officers of respective States are mentioned below:

Association Nodal Officer Mobile Email Id
All J & K Chess Association Mr.Atul Kumar. 9906010563
All Jharkhand Chess Association Mr.Basant Khandelwal 8797699951
All Orissa Chess Association Mr.Debabrata Bhatta 9437093970, 7991005535
All Tripura adhoc Mr.Dipak Saha 7005284732
Andaman Nicobar Chess Association Mr.B Neelaiah 9434293379
Chess Association Kerala Mr. Vishwanathan  9447664546
Chhattisgarh Pradesh Chess Association Mr.M Chandra Shekhar 8120364444
Goa Chess Association Mr.Kishor M Bandekar 9822104771
Madhya Pradesh Chess Association Mr.Kapil Saxena 9425016455
Pondicherry State Chess Association Mr.G. Sankar 9042000066
Punjab State Chess Association Mr.Muneesh Thapar 8146729999
Tamilnadu Mr.V.Dhanasekaran 9841748583
Telangana State Chess Association Mr.K S PRASAD  7337578899
UP Chess Sports Association Mr.AK Raizada 9451247160
All Assam Chess Association Mr.Pranab Kumar Nath 8402020073
All Arunachal Pradesh Chess Association Mr.Niapung Konia 7085693654
All Bihar Chess Association Dharmendra Kumar 9334838341
Chandigarh Chess Association Mr.Vipnesh Bhardwaj 9814615100
Chess Association of Uttaranchal Mr.Sanjeev Chaudhary 9756825000
Delhi Chess Association Mr.AK Verma 9891468906
Gujarat State Chess Association Mr.Ankit Dalal 7878860008
The Haryana Chess Association Mr. Rajpal 9871071400
Mizoram Chess Association Mr.J.K.Lalmuanpuia 9856738137
Meghalaya Chess Association Mr.Bonney Joanes Kharbani 8258898775
Nagaland Chess Association Mr.Khriezovolie Mere 7005373338
United Karnataka Chess Association Mr.Nagendra Murulidhar 8123819220
Sikkim Chess Association Mr.Mahendra Dhakal 9475078009
Maharashtra Chess Association Mr.Siddharth Mayur 9890297575
Rajasthan Chess Association Mr.Vikas Sahu 9413045606
Manipur Chess Association (Ad-Hoc) Mr.Hemam Jogendro Meetei 9856326512
Himachal Pradesh State Chess Association (Ad-Hoc) Mr.Sanjeev Thakur 7018544505, 9805566800
The Andhra Pradesh Chess Association (Ad-Hoc) Mr.KVV Sharma 9346962633
Bengal Chess Association (Special Committee)* Mr.Asit Baran Choudhury 9433073506

6. Donations:-

As you all are aware the initiative require huge financial obligation and we request your generous support for the initiative with your contribution. You can Donate online at our website. Click here to Donate

7. Checkmate Covid Initiative inaguration ceremony Streamed on Chessbase India

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