Maharashtra Chess Association's Action Plan

Update : 7th May 2021

We are living in challenging times and many of us are facing endless troubles due to the Pandemic. We have to take care of our life, livelihood for ourselves and that of our family and close friends. There has never been a time in our lives when we felt this vacuum and a feeling of helplessness. There are times when we want to just talk to someone & lighten up the pressure that is building within, and then there are emergencies when we are totally lost, times when the financial pressure of handling a situation drives us to commit unthinkable acts.

It is these pressures and challenges that we want to address & be the anchor to our Chess fraternity in Maharashtra. Encouraged by the Clariant call given by Dr. Sanjay Kapoor ji, President AICF, Shri. Bharat Singh Chavan ji & Shri. Ajay Patel ji to #CheckMateCOVID, I as the Serving President of MCA have taken the mantle to be with each and every member of our Chess family, 24x7x365. Together we will fight this Pandemic and any future challenges on mental and physical health any one of us faces.

With the support of our Hon. Secretary Shri. Niranjan Godbole ji & guidance from Shri. Ashok Bhau Jain, Shri. Girish Vyas ji, Shri. Parinay Fuke ji, Shri. Aniruddha Deshpande ji, Shri. Girish Chitale ji, Shri. Narendra Firodia ji, GM Abhijit Kunte & all members of the MCA administration, I am preparing a standard protocol and communication channel which will make it easier to reach out to us and get timely help.

I want you to know that we are with you, we pray that no one falls sick, but if you do, rest assured that your Chess Family all over the country is standing with you. Chess will definitely beat COVID!

Shri. Siddharth R Mayur (Serving President, MCA)

To apply for any financial support to #CheckMateCOVID please submit the following documents:

List of Documents :

Mandatory Documents Optional Documents
Name, Address, Age & Mobile CT Scan / Blood Report
RT-PCR Report List of allergies
List of Medicines you are taking Copy of Aadhaar Card
SpO2 Saturation level Details of Insurance policy
Bank Details Co-Morbidities, if any
Total Funds applied for
Doctors Report (In case you are admitted in hospital)

Once we have the above information, we will have our panel of Doctors and experts evaluate the needs and they can recommend it to the Financial committee of MCA and AICF, who will within the shortest possible time communicate the sanction.

While your application is being processed, our representative from your Zone will get in touch with you and connect you with a medical expert who will give you the immediate and emergency help that is required and make sure you stabilise. List of MCA representatives is enclosed.

List of representatives :

Name Region Mobile
Siddharth R Mayur MCA Nodal Coordinator +919890297575
Niranjan Godbole MCA Coordinator +919673003780
Manish Marulkar Western Maharashtr +919922965173
Faruk Shaikh Khandesh +919423185786
Ankush Raktade Vidarbha +919405777784
Hemendra Patel Marathwada +919325228261
Vilas Mhatre Konkan +918888011411
Vivek Sohani Konkan +919422474546
Ninant Pednekar Mumbai +919970109737

Please be cautious and please take care. May God be with all of us.

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